Insulin Resistance & Chronic Disease

Learning Objectives:

  • Insulin resistance is characterized as the body reaching tolerance to its own insulin
  • Insulin resistance is a root cause of almost all chronic diseases including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many more
  • Research suggests close to two-thirds of adults are developing some level of insulin resistance
  • Insulin regulates and facilitates all cells receiving energy
  • Heredity is not destiny when it comes to chronic disease
  • Changing diet and lifestyle is the very best and should be the first-line therapy in the treatment of insulin resistance and all chronic disease
  • Much of the information being presented to the public in regard to nutrition comes from unreliable sources – politicians, food industry and agriculture industry
  • While heredity plays a role in determining which chronic diseases one might develop diet and lifestyle are the root causes
  • Chronically high and excessively high blood sugar levels over time are causes of insulin resistance leading to chronic disease
  • Research clearly suggests that close to 80 percent of us have some level of carbohydrate intolerance
  • Exceeding personal carbohydrate intolerance levels on a long-term basis is clearly not optimal for health
  • Learn the warning signs in the development of insulin resistance
  • Steps to take to avoid developing of insulin resistance and the steps you can take to slow and possibly reverse its progression