Health Institute

Health Institute is a Restore Medical Fitness Product created by health professionals to make medical information accessible and empower people to make smart health choices

Education Prescription

At Restore Medical Fitness we believe that education is an important part of patient health. Many providers simply are not given the time to adequately explain the science of health to patients in the medical setting. We created Restore Health Institute to provide quality, up-to-date explanations of disease, health, and medications arranged in courses that can be used by both patients and providers.

Additional services offered by restore

Exercise precription

At Restore, we treat exercise, nutrition and lifestyle as medicine. We believe that exercise is not only medicine; it is possibly the most important medicine individuals can take on a daily basis. We believe there is an appropriate dose of exercise of which everyone is capable. Like any medicine, individuals often need guidance in finding the correct dose and the correct progression of that dose. For many individuals, this dosing should include the involvement of educated exercise professionals to monitor the body’s response to the exercise and guide the progression.

Health Coaching

The improvement of our patient’s health and their goals are the primary focus the coaching staff. Incorporating patients medical history, physical assessments, lab work and their goals, together we will help to develop a program that fits them. We monitor their progress, record the improvements and communicate with their providers in order to ensure everyone involved in their care is kept up to date.

Our team of exercise physiologist, health coaches and nutrition professionals will be there to ensure a safe and effective transition to a healthier life and work toward patient self-efficacy to ensure patients can maintain their health accomplishments.

Our Location

Restore Medical Fitness is located at:

4545 Transit Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221